Building Design

Big or Small, Complex or Simple... We help design ambitious buildings while aiming to minimize risks, costs and meet deadlines.
The combination of our technical experience and innovative solutions is reflected in many successful projects, including renowned emblematic buildings and high-quality projects in the public and private sectors.


• Structures
• Geotechnical
• Water Supply and Drainage Systems
• Gas Installations
• Acoustics
• Infrastructures
• Electrical and Telecommunications Installations
• Lighting Technology
• Mechanical and Electromechanical Installations
• Energy Certification
• Fire Safety
• Waste Management
• Health and Safety Management
• Facility Management
• Sustainability

Infrastructure Design

We adopt a holistic and integrated approach in the infrastructure designs that we develop.
The knowledge acquired in the various projects developed enables us to provide a range of services from design, project management and project coordination for infrastructures of several kinds of real estate development.
From the conceptual planning phase through to construction, our specialists create wide-ranging teams capable of responding to any challenge, whatever their size or complexity.
Our multidisciplinary experience allows us to address economic, social and environmental aspects, fully integrated in the development of our projects.
We have the experience to understand the complexities of a project, addressing the challenges that are presented to us in an innovative, pragmatic and independent way, ensuring that our solutions are well-balanced and sustainable.


We create solutions to help public and private organizations to characterize, evaluate, quantify and manage their relationship with the ecological, social and economical environments.
We design sustainable constructions, not only in legal compliance, but that make sense, from a economical, social and environmental point of view throughout their complete life cycle.

Project management

We manage and conduct the projects step by step, analyzing every detail, always aware of the project as a whole.
We help clients achieve their objectives from conception to project conclusion.
We combine our experience with attested methods and tools, in order to find an effective management plan, according to the specific characteristics of each project and expectations of each client. Our mission is to increase confidence in results, reduce risks and ensure quality, understanding each project as unique and working closely with all parties involved.
The spirit we put into project management is based on the golden rule of management “K.I.S.S.”.

Construction Management

We help execute the project, focusing on cost, time, risk and change management, financial performance, quality and safety.
Our management and construction supervision services ensure a successful conclusion.
We technically control and validate the various aspects of the project, helping to implement and execute the design effectively and in line with the best practices, keeping the construction phase on schedule, reducing technical risks and avoiding construction errors, complying with construction standards and quality levels.

Building Maintenance and Rehabilitation

Rehabilitation aims at an intervention to provide a performance compatible with the current requirements or constraints. In this sense, we combine the most efficient solutions of building rehabilitation, through a set of integrated services that ensure a better state and functioning of buildings.
The maintenance of buildings aims at a periodic intervention to prevent and correct slight degradations so that buildings reach their lifespan without losing performance.

Other Specialized Technical Services

• Project Design
• Project Review
• Technical Expertise and Reports
• Pathology Analysis
• Building Maintenance and Conservation Programs
• Development of Sustainable Rehabilitation Solutions
• Business support consultancy